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SP3401 Series TVS Diode Array - Littelfuse
TVS Diode Array for DisplayPort and USB 3.1 Gen 1 – SP3401 Series

Littelfuse's SP3401 series is a specially designed diode array to protect high-speed interfaces against electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Image of Diodes' PCIe Gen4 Thunderbolt 3 4 Channel Differential 2x2 Exchange Switch
PCIe® Gen4, Thunderbolt™ 3, 4-Channel, Differential 2 x 2 Exchange Switch

Diodes' PI3DBS16222 is part of a family of very high-performance passive exchange switches and offers flexible options for a variety of applications.

Image of IQD's IQXO-79x Series Surface Mount Clock Oscillators
IQXO-79x Series Surface Mount Clock Oscillators

IQD's IQXO-79x series of surface mount clock oscillators with HCMOS output and 15 pF drive level have a frequency range between 1.0 MHz and 66 MHz.

Image of EPCOS' Compact S14 AdvanceD-MP Series Varistors
Compact S14 AdvanceD-MP Series Varistors

EPCOS Compact S14 AdvanceD-MP series varistors are designed to be used in power supplies as the primary protection against low-level, repetitive surge currents.

Image of KEMET's FPL Series Ferrite Tiles
FPL Series - WPT Ferrite Tiles

KEMET’s ferrite tiles are designed with the latest proprietary ferrite material technology to offer the highest charging efficiency.

Image of Analog Devices' ADM3057E Signal and Power Isolated CAN Transceiver
ADM3057E Signal and Power Isolated CAN Transceiver

Analog Devices' ADM3057E is a 3 kVRMS isolated controller area network (CAN) physical layer transceiver with integrated isolated DC/DC converters.

Image of IQD's CFPX-180 Series SMD Quartz Crystal
CFPX-180 Series SMD Quartz Crystals

IQD's CFPX-180 series SMD quartz crystals are suitable for a variety of applications such as IoT, Bluetooth, and Ethernet.

Image of Nordic Semiconductor nRF5340-PDK Dual Processor
nRF5340-PDK Dual-Processor

Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF5340-PDK is an ideal SoC for professional lighting, advanced wearables, and other complex IoT applications.

Image of Adam Tech's IDC M12 Connectors X-code
IDC M12 Connectors X-code

Adam Tech's IDC M12 connectors offer a waterproof solution capable of interfacing with RJ45 signal at 10 Gbps.

Image of Vesper's VM3000 Digital MEMS Microphone
VM3000 Digital MEMS Microphone

Vesper's VM3000 digital MEMS microphone features a pulse density modulation (PDM) output enabling multiplexing of two microphones on a single data line.

Image of C&K CRE Series Switches
CRE Series Switches

C&K's CRE series switches are 10 mm rotary DIP switches with a variety of actuator options, making them well-suited for a variety of applications.

Image of Teledyne LeCroy's 780 Series Handheld Video/HDMI Test Instruments
780 Series Handheld Video/HDMI Test Instruments

Teledyne LeCroy's 780 series instruments enable quick, on-site verification testing and troubleshooting of your HDMI system and analog video displays.

Image of Adam Tech's Spring Loaded Connectors and Pins
Spring-Loaded Connectors and Pins

Adam Tech's spring-loaded connectors and pins are used in many industries across a wide range of applications to make a secure, high-reliability connection.

Image of Epcos' CeraCharge™ Battery
CeraCharge™ Battery

TDK's EPCOS CeraCharge™ battery offers a capacitance of 100 µAh at a rated voltage of 1.4 V in a compact EIA 1812 package (4.5mm x 3.2mm x 1.1mm).

Bio-compatible TPU Wires - Tensility International Corp.
Bio-compatible TPU Wires

Tensility’s bio-compatible wearable wires are small, soft and flexible, extruded using TPU material tested to ISO 10993 standards for skin irritation.