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Amphenol SV Microwave

Image of Amphenol SV's Millimeter Wave Connectors, Cable Assemblies, and Adapters

Millimeter Wave Connectors, Cable Assemblies, and Adapters

Amphenol SV Microwave's high-frequency millimeter wave product line has the precision quality and performance needed for the millimeter wave spectrum through 67 GHz.

Image of Amphenol SV's SMP, SMPM, and SMPS Connectors

SMP, SMPM, and SMPS Connectors

Amphenol SV Microwave’s SMP, SMPM, and SMPS connectors, cable assemblies, and adapters are designed for high-density, high-frequency applications and progressively increase electrical performance while reducing density.

Image of Amphenol SV's Compression-Mount Connectors

Compression-Mount Connectors

Amphenol SV Microwave manufactures a large variety of solderless precision RF connectors in high-frequency bands including the mmWave frequencies. They offer a variety of cost-effective coaxial PCB-mount SMA, 2.92 mm, and 2.4 mm connector series.

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SV Microwave’s line of solderless compression mount RF connectors are a solution for engineers who need fast, easy, affordable and precise coaxial connectors
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Learn why VITA 67 is the foundational RF interconnect offering on the VPX platform and is designed for side by side implementation with other VITA connectors
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About Amphenol SV Microwave

Amphenol SV Microwave is a world leader in the RF/Microwave industry with over 50 years of proven performance. They design and manufacture RF/Microwave coaxial connectors, cable assemblies, and passive components designed for military, satellite, aerospace, commercial and telecommunications applications. Amphenol's specialization is in high quality, high performance RF products with an emphasis on military and instrumentation grade.

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